Our Story

Zealo was born from a mother’s simple passion and zeal to
create healthy and delicious treats for her family. Over
the past 10 years, Zealo has grown from a home kitchen to a successful artisanal food business with a growing team helping our customers celebrate special moments with family, friends, and clients. But the core foundation of Zealo has always remained constant – making
handcrafted, artisanal, and personalised mithai and dried fruit delicacies with love, for the people you love! 

Trust,transparency, taste, and innovation are at the core of Zealo’s brand philosophy.  Zealo brings joy to our customers by delivering pure indulgence…with the added benefit of always using high quality and healthy ingredients.  Our team has created a wide range of
artisanal mithai and dried fruit delicacies that have NO processed sugar and NO
artificial ingredients.  All our items are always made fresh and in made-to-order batches. 


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