Hampers That Gift Back!

Each of these Sabai grass hampers helps uplift rural women from Baripada, a small village 250km away from Bhuvaneshwar, Odisha.

These eco-friendly boxes are hand-made by these women and are made of Sabai grass, which grown in certain districts of Odisha and West Bengal. This project initiated by Mr. Bibhuti Mohanty proves sustainable livelihood to these women, makes them self-reliant , and helps them provide a better quality of life to their families.

About Sabai Grass

Sabai grass, scientifically known as Eulaliopsis binata, is a perennial plant cultivated in specific regions of Odisha and West Bengal. Its eco-friendly nature, derived from organically sourced raw materials, makes it perfect for a wide range of home essentials, including kitchen products.

Lives Changed

This initiative was launched and locally supported by Mr. Bibhuti Mohanty. His vision was to provide a better quality of life and a stable income source for families of women artisans crafting eco-friendly products from Sabai grass.

Meet Our Artisans:

1. Gitanjali Naik - Empowered Artisan Gitanjali, once a mother of two struggling to make ends meet by selling Sabai grass ropes, discovered a breakthrough in her life through crafting Sabai grass handicrafts. Today, she is a self-reliant homemaker, confidently taking on new challenges with her exceptional craftsmanship.

2. Ashok Dhir and Saraswati Dhir - Sabai Artisans, This dedicated couple has found stability and success in crafting Sabai grass handicrafts, thanks to the growing demand for eco-friendly home decor products. Their continuous eagerness to learn and innovate keeps them at the forefront of this thriving craft.

3. Padmini Barik - A Beacon of Hope Padmini proudly supports her family and aspires to further her success in the Sabai grass handicraft sector. The potential of sabai grass handicrafts has brought significant positive changes to the lives of artisans like Padmini, and she aims to deliver top-quality products through her weaving and knitting expertise.

Support our noble mission to expand the eco-friendly product business and transform the lives of women artisans. Together, we can bring warmth, empowerment, and sustainability to the lives we touch, creating a brighter future for all.

Sabai Women At Their Craft

Our Story

Zealo was born from a mother’s simple passion and zeal to
create healthy and delicious treats for her family. Over
the past 10 years, Zealo has grown from a home kitchen to a successful artisanal food business with a growing team helping our customers celebrate special moments with family, friends, and clients. But the core foundation of Zealo has always remained constant – making
handcrafted, artisanal, and personalised mithai and dried fruit delicacies with love, for the people you love! 

Trust,transparency, taste, and innovation are at the core of Zealo’s brand philosophy.  Zealo brings joy to our customers by delivering pure indulgence…with the added benefit of always using high quality and healthy ingredients.  Our team has created a wide range of
artisanal mithai and dried fruit delicacies that have NO processed sugar and NO artificial ingredients.  All our items are always made fresh and in made-to-order batches. 


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